All Vagabond Leather products are handmade by Sam.

About Vagabond Leather

As a busker, I know the kind of duress performers’ equipment has to undertake. The props we use must be reliable and last show after show. At Vagabond Leather my aim is to create custom, leather props for performers that are guaranteed to last.

I only source premium quality, leather hides, farmed and tanned in Australia and New Zealand. This ensures that all props are made to the best standard. 

To purchase any of the pouches you’ll have to contact Sam directly

The Gazzo Pouch

After years of watching and admiring Gazzo’s Cups and Balls routine being performed by magicians all around the world, it’s really an honor to be able to rightfully produce the original Gazzo Pouch. 

In 2017, I purchased the rights to make and produce the Gazzo pouch after Gazzo made me aware that he no longer wished to continue his leather working. I spent the next few months with him, studying in depth the process of making the pouch.

After a few months of having my work quality checked and reviewed by Gazzo, I was making pouches that satisfied his high standards. It is well known among magicians that Gazzo’s Pouch is the best there is, as it is a design that has been tweaked and altered while performing the Cups and Balls routine throughout his impressive 30 year career

Unlaced Pouch

$350 US
Plus P&P

Laced Pouch

$650 US
Plus P&P

Pouches come in Red and Black. Other colours are available upon request but may cost extra.

Mini Gazzo Pouch

Based on the Original Gazzo Pouch the Mini Gazzo Pouch can be worn as a side pouch. Perfect for Chop Cup and other routines where having such a large pouch, like the Original Gazzo Pouch, is unnecessary. 

The Mini Gazzo Pouch comes with two belt clips so the pouch can be worn securely and taken on and off with ease. It can also be worn with a belt the same as Original Gazzo Pouch. 


Original Gazzo Pouch on the left, Mini Gazzo Pouch on the right.

Original Gazzo Pouch on the left, Mini Gazzo Pouch on the right.

Plus P&P

Buskers' Coin Pouch

The Buskers’ Coin Pouch, originally designed and made by Gazzo, is a great solution for any performer looking for a nice way to store a day’s worth of busking (depending on the busker, of course).

The pouch features 2 inch steel rings and a coin flap, which makes sifting through your earnings easy. 

Pouch comes in black. Other colours available however may cost extra.  

$60 US

Plus P&P


$60 US

Plus P&P

Custom Orders

Straight Jacket repairs and other leather goods for performers are also available. Please enquire with contact form below.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Every product from Vagabond Leather is made to order. Production time may vary throughout the year. Items are made in Australia or the UK depending on where I am residing.  Please contact me for a estimation on time.